I believe I was determined to be a writer even before I realized it. Back when I was a kid in South Carolina, my friends and I would pretend to be superheroes or part of Gatchaman (although, we called it G-Force back then, and you get major geek points if you recognize either reference). When I think back to those days, seems like I was usually the one figuring out what our adventure or mission would be. By the end of middle school, I wanted to write comic books, but in high school, I realized my real ambition was to write a novel.

I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Broadcast Journalism in 1995. In the years after, I worked as a TV news producer, first in Columbus, Georgia, and then in Richmond, Virginia, which has become home for me, my wife, and our kids.

In 2001, I quit TV news and became a dispatcher for Henrico County Police. I like to joke that I went from a job where I made a living off the misery and suffering of others and traded it in for another job that does the same thing, only now I actually do something to help them. It was while training for my job as a dispatcher that one of the members of my training academy gifted me with the nickname "Wildcat." The nickname stuck and in a convoluted chain of events that doesn't warrant detail here, it later prompted me to create a photo webcomic called The Wildcat's Lair.

Richmond is home to a strong writing community. Since moving here, my wife and I have both become heavily involved in James River Writers. I spent eight years as a board member, and both my wife and I have served as past chairs for the organization's annual writers conference. In 2013, I was also honored to be named chair for the board of directors. Although I've stepped down from JRW's board to focus more on my writing, I'm still very involved in JRW. Some of the writers here in Richmond have become my best friends, and through JRW, my wife and I have met other writers from across the US and beyond.