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Grab your passport for a journey to the Deadlands and its collection of world-changing stories.

Meet a young man with the power to destroy the world. Then walk among the living darkness of Purgatory Alley with a boy who was born without a shadow. Sneak into a cemetery with a twelve-year-old girl who gets paid to raise the dead. Chase terrorists in a steampunk future. Join a young hunter as he searches for a pair of vampires. Discover the lost secrets of Camelot beneath the waters of Loch Ness. And join a pair of dragons who police all manner of mythical creatures in London.

Drawing on Bill Blume's inexhaustible wit and polished worldbuilding skill, these twelve tales of the fantastic will take you to the edge of imagination.

Early in 2015, I realized the rights to many of my short stories had reverted to me and considered self-publishing a short story collection, an endeavour that somewhat daunted me. When I later signed on with Diversion Books to publish the next book in my Gidion Keep, Vampire Hunter series, my editor Laura Duane also suggested the idea of releasing the collection. I didn't need to get very far into the process to recognize how fortunate I was to have her help in putting this together and releasing it through Diversion Books.

Laura arranged the stories and worked with her team to find the best title for the collection. The title The Deadlands: And Other Stories comes from the first of my stories to ever make it into an anthology. The Deadlands marked a turning point for me. After that short story made its original appearance in 2011 in Four in the Hole, I've successfully published stories every year since.

Perhaps my greatest joy in seeing this collection published comes from the stories readers haven't seen until now. The new stories include a sequel to The Big Sneeze called Dracarge, a steampunk and Camelot inspired story called The Lady in the Loch, and a dark but unexpectedly sweet story about a twelve-year-old girl who tricks older kids into paying her to raise the dead entitled The Insomniac.

Even my beloved teenage vampire hunter Gidion Keep shows up. Zombie Walk follows him as he tries to find and stop two vampires from crashing the annual Zombie Walk in Richmond and feeding on the costumed participants.