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For Gidion Keep, hunting vampires is easy—it’s high school that might kill him.

Hunting vampires is a Keep family tradition. Dad quit the business over a decade ago when Mom was killed, so Grandpa has been teaching Gidion—in secret—to take up the hunt. As Gidion closes in on the local coven, however, he discovers their evil plans to kill off a student and a teacher.

To complicate matters, the vampires know they're being hunted and they're determined to kill Gidion and everyone he's protecting, no matter what it takes. For Gidion, the odds are immense and his first test as a vampire hunter may be his last, but he will have help: one of his best friends might be the key to finding the vampires’ lair and finishing them once and for all...if he can be trusted.

GIDION'S HUNT delivers a fast-paced thriller with a young hero whose deadliest weapon isn't a wooden stake but his wits and a lot of luck.

Perhaps the most important advice any aspiring writer can follow is to write what they're passionate about. In early 2010, I was more than 40,000 words into writing a manuscript that took advantage of my experience as a 911 dispatcher. That book was not Gidion's Hunt. The book itself wasn't bad. In fact, it was working, but it wasn't working for me. I was writing for the market, so it's not surprising I couldn't muster the passion to finish that book. I was angry and frustrated. I confided in my wife, and she asked me a single question:

"What is it you want to write?"

I knew the answer before she even asked the question. I wanted to write a vampire hunter novel, and not just any vampire hunter novel. I wanted this bad boy to be as real as possible. Someone would read this and see the world around them in a way they never had before and realize just how possible it could be for vampires to exist around us and go almost completely unnoticed. My hero wouldn't have superpowers. The vampires wouldn't turn to bats or mist and be able to hypnotize their victims. This was going to be a realistic, gritty and fun adventure.

That's how a young man named Gidion Keep was born.

Gidion wasn't originally intended to be a teenager. Nor had I expected my 911 dispatcher background to prove so useful in writing this book. These things just happened as I wrote it.

You might have noticed I don't call this a "vampire novel." If you're anything like me, you're probably tired of what's become of the vampire in popular fiction these days. Gidion's Hunt is more about what kind of person would hunt monsters and why he does it, but this book also gives the vampires their fangs back to remind you why they're good scary fun.

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