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Gidion’s Blood turns the hunter into the hunted.

After Gidion Keep wipes out the local vampire coven in his hometown of Richmond, the nomadic vampires along the East Coast retaliate by hiring one of their own, a cunning assassin who specializes in finding and killing vampire hunters. Her arrival endangers Gidion and everyone he loves.

But an even greater threat than the assassin has come to Richmond, a secret Gidion’s family has hidden from him until now. Gidion's family knows the price of success for a vampire hunter--his Dad hunted until the night his Mom was killed. What this foe plans will expose three generations of secrets within the Keep family and force Gidion to question everything he’s come to believe about thecreatures he hunts.

Even if he can survive long enough to defeat the vampires targeting him and his family, Gidion’s life will never be the same.

I knew even before I wrote the first scene in the first book in the Gidion Keep, Vampire Hunter series where many of the storylines would eventually lead. Even one of the major plot points of the second book was a given. Gidion learns the price of success for a vampire hunter.

Book two needed to do a lot of things. First and foremost, it needed to show the vampires respond, that they wouldn't just give up Richmond. To that end, they hire an assassin who specializes in killing vampire hunters. As clever and resourceful as Gidion is in dealing with vampires, I wanted his opponent to mirror him. She needed to find just the right ways to challenge him and keep him on the defensive.

Most of all, Gidion's Blood threatens everything for which Gidion cares and believes. Where the first book placed his life and his friends at risk, this book turns every member of the Keep family into a walking target. When I entered this book, I had a rough idea of how things would end, but a lot of it changed along the way.

Until this book, I've never written something with an audience anticipating its release. Sure, I would work on novels, and friends would know I was writing something. This wasn't like that, though. Those books never carried an expectation of definitely making it into print. Every time someone asked when the second book would come out, a small part of my soul silently screamed for me to run and hide. Even with all the short stories I've gotten published in the past few years, I didn't realize how frightening this process would be, and it forced me to push that much harder to make this the best book I possibly could.

I hope this book will surprise and shock a lot of you. Believe it or not, a lot of things happen that I hadn't expected and made writing it even more fun for me.

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