While most of my creative energy goes to my writing,
I like to put my graphic artwork skills to use, too.


Windsor, the Grumpy Dragon

Windsor the Grumpy Dragon thinks you're mythical bullshit, too Windsor the Grumpy Dragon east Gummy Bears feet first so they can scream longer Windsor the Grumpy Dragon doesn't believe in Darwinism because you're still here Windsor the Grumpy Dragon saves the whales... for dessert

Not only does Windsor star in two of my short stories (The Big Sneeze and Dracarge), but he also grudgingly poses for my weekly Grumpy Dragon meme.

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Windsor the Grumpy Dragon thinks you're mythical bullshit, too

Off and on from 2005 to 2012, I produced a webcomic called The Wildcat's Lair. The comic starred a talking black cat with blue stripes and an even bluer vocabulary. Frank "Skywhips" Orion initially started as a mascot for my original blog, but he quickly took over. Frank had a love of cafe mochas and kitty porn. He was also a recovering catnip addict (to Frank's credit, he never fell off the wagon during the series). The comic followed Frank's misadventures in my home with me, my wife (a.k.a., the Dragon Queen), our two kids, my wife's plush dragon collection, and a mob boss dog (a.k.a., my pet dog) named Page.

Frank shared most of his adventures with my wife's dragon Hip. Hip had a raging allergy problem, which often resulted in some explosive, fiery sneezes. They were introduced to each other in a pair of now classic episodes, "Frank Meets Hip, Episodes I and II." These episodes also launched what would become a pair of long-running gags about Hip looking more like a hippopotamus with wings (the source of his name) and Hip's propensity for accidentally flaming Frank with his sneezes.

Perhaps the most popular member of the supporting cast was Frank's uncle. Uncle Kerouac sported a set of rainbow stripes and was constantly high from smoking catnip. He also spoke almost exclusively in quotes from beat poet Jack Kerouac and the king of macabre literature Edgar Allan Poe. My children were often concerned for Uncle Kerouac's health since he was always smoking. I pointed out that since he was a computer-generated cat, he'd be all right (this answer never satisfied them).

The webcomic was never something I'd intended, and certainly, it wasn't a money-making venture. What it did provide me with was a lot of laughs and some unique pictures of my family that I will always cherish. Perhaps craziest of all, it gave me an imaginary friend who will probably follow me around for the rest of my life. It's weird, but for a computer-generated character in a comic strip, Frank is a "friend" I've come to cherish. Best of all, his adventures are still out there for anyone to enjoy.