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The Deadlands: And Other Stories

Collecting twelve of my best short stories from the past decade and quite a few new ones, The Deadlands: And Other Stories takes you to some of the funniest and darkest places my imagination goes when it's not following Gidion Keep on his latest vampire hunt (although, there's some of that in there, too).

Join a pair of dragons as they try to figure out who hired someone to kill a gremlin. Then follow along as they scour the city of London for the world's most dangerous hoarder.

Meet a 12-year-old girl who tricks older kids out of their money by making them believe she can raise the dead, but her con isn't what you think.

Journey to the late 19th Century as a disgraced professor's search for the truth behind her husband's death leads her to the lost secrets of Camelot.

Enjoy these tales and many others in this collection, now available from Diversion Books.

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Bitter Pill

Miss Sharpe is a killer for hire, the Jade Dagger, an artisan of death. Yet when called on to find an immortal in the city of her birth, she finds herself unprepared for what she discovers, as she is plunged into her own terrifying past and future.

Available in Ebook: Amazon B&N Kobo Crossfire

The middle of the 21st Century, society has abandoned oil and nuclear resources in favor of a return to steam and the search for more efficient sources of power. A conspiracy by Russian terrorists threatens the rise of plasma energy. Davin Cross, an ambitious CIA analyst, risks his career to stop terrorists and an explosion that could incinerate all of London.

Available in Ebook: Amazon B&N Borrowed Shadows

Many hide their secrets in the shadows. For teenager Daniel Black, his shadow is the secret. He's one of a small number of people born without a shadow who had to borrow one to stay alive. His shadow belonged to an ancient samurai named Feng.

Now, another person with a borrowed shadow wants Daniel dead, and the assassin's connection to Feng's past will change Daniel's life forever.

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Zombie Walk (GK:VH, #1.5)

Every October, people in Richmond dress as zombies and descend on Carytown for an annual shuffle up and down Cary Street, but when a pair of vampires learn the walk will be taking place at night for the first time, they decide to get into costume for a chance to feed in public without anyone being any the wiser. One of Gidion’s friends is also taking part in the walk, and unless he can figure out which of the hundreds of zombies are really vampires, his friend might go from playing the "walking dead" to just plain dead.

Available in Ebook: Amazon B&N Kobo The Big Sneeze

When is an allergy attack an act of terrorism? When it's a city full of fire-breathing dragons who are sneezing!

Dragons have an inate need to hoard. Some keep this urge in check, gathering stamps or books, but when the infamous Dug decides to horde all of the allergy medicine in England, things get ugly. Now, a city full of dragons are fighting back a firestorm of sneezes. If Special Agents Windsor and Kensington don't find the Dug's stash of drugs in time, then London burns!

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Waist Deep

In the wake of the world's end, Dale has survived the leviathan of the seas and the wraiths of the Desert of Fire, but what he finds in the wastes of the Ice Lands might finish him.

His hunt for a shadowy beast will lead him to an ancient evil hidden for eons within this frozen hell.